To whom it may concern:

I highly recommend Dan Stottelmyer ‎as your builder. Dan was fantastic as we began the design of our house, he worked to understand what my husband and I styles and preferences were, such as an open design, maximize space, private area for kids to play and hang out, etc. Dan handled every aspect of building our home with easy. There was not one issue with the process. Dan was able to tears down our old house, build a new house in roughly 5 months. This is record time for a custom home and the size of our house. Dan was on site every day ensuring every step from building materials and steel beams were delivered and accurate. All trades such as concrete, framers, electrical, plumbing, heating and AC, windows, drywall, painters and finishing touches were done with perfection.

Dan cares so much about the final out come, he even stopped the painters when he was concerned a color I picked out was not the color he thought I wanted. And he was correct, the color was too over powering for the area of the house distracting from the architectural design.

I highly recommend Dan as your builder of choice. He will work with you every step of the way and he takes great pride in the outcome of the home he is building.

I am happy to talk to any of your customer‎s and reassure them of their decision to use you and your company to build their home.